SESHA/SIA 2018 Presentation by C&IH to Focus on CFD Modeling as a Tool for Gas Detection Placement

The upcoming SESHA/SIA International High Technology ESH Symposium and Exposition, taking place April 16th through 20th in Scottsdale, Arizona, will include a presentation by C&IH titled, “Area Gas Detection Placement Optimization Using CFD Modeling.” An overview of the presentation is provided below:

Gas detection in semiconductor facilities is a critical component of risk management. Utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be an effective strategy for protecting workers from hazardous gases, both within exhausted enclosures and in ambient room areas. CFD is a software tool that is unique in its ability to model a three-dimensional space with as much geometric detail and physics of the environment as necessary to appropriately simulate realistic airflow and gas dispersion. This presentation will demonstrate the application of CFD for modeling complex airflow pathways in the sub area underneath a typical semiconductor facility, thereby enabling more effective placement of gas detectors.

The presentation will be led by C&IH Director of Engineering Dan Hall and BSI Principal Consultant Steve Trammell and is scheduled for Tuesday April 17th at 2:30 p.m. PST. Additional details are available at the Conference Website, or contact C&IH for more information.

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