International OEHS Consulting

C&IH provides occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) consulting for United States companies working in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Asia, and the Middle East.

Economic, political, and social advancement in the former Soviet states, Central Asia, and Africa has created an attractive foreign market for companies operating in the United States. Regional economic development, such as the harmonization of customs rules established by the Customs Treaty between Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, has fashioned an increasingly unified market in this massive economic territory. Successful navigation of the still-evolving occupational and environmental health and safety standards within this vast region and their variance between U.S. standards is a necessity for any business venture. Understanding the significant differences between foreign regulations, covering the spectrum of OEHS issues from air pollution to basic occupational health and safety conditions, and corresponding U.S. OEHS regulations is essential in protecting employee and public health as well as return on investment.

Our team of experienced professionals prepares U.S. based organizations with the knowledge of foreign occupational and environmental health and safety regulations that are both current and in development. Our services include guidance for remotely navigating foreign offices to ensure any potential OEHS related regulatory issues are properly managed and that a full commitment to local OEHS standards is represented.

C&IH personnel have participated in the development of OEHS legislation for international organizations and foreign governments in the former Soviet Union, parts of Eastern Europe, and regions of Asia and Africa. Our staff has actively participated on international task forces working for the harmonization of regulatory requirements among various nations. The experience and knowledge of our staff allows C&IH to apply methodologies for determining foreign trends that influence the legislation process, enabling our clients to be prepared for impending future OEHS requirements.

C&IH international OEHS consulting activities include:

  • Comprehensive review and comparison of current regulatory standards and legal requirements between the United States and foreign governments or international organizations
  • Analysis of current and proposed environmental protections and occupational health and safety legislation in specific foreign localities and recommendations for their incorporation into strategic planning
  • Program development for the prevention of occupational and environmental health and safety issues in foreign countries
  • Gap analysis of existing corporate OEHS programs, including comprehensive on-site facility audits, for compliance with local, international, and U.S. standards
  • Design and implementation of OEHS management systems in compliance with ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and other standard specifications to improve corporate international management and local staff coordination
  • Training of international and local personnel in hazard identification and prevention, regulatory considerations, and other aspects of health risk assessment
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