Non-Profit Humanitarian Work

Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc. provides voluntary professional assistance to nations aspiring to protect the health of their workers and citizens. A variety of unique opportunities to provide this assistance have been realized through relationships with international colleagues.

Since 1996 members of our staff have worked through the non-profit organization SHARE International, 501(c)(3) using office space donated by C&IH. A certain percentage of costs and equipment have been provided by granting agencies to SHARE, while related labor is typically donated by C&IH and our partners. The personnel of other companies such as CDMSmith and Kaiser Permanente Health Care also donate time to SHARE and participate in such projects as illustrated below:

  • Scientific studies characterizing heavy metal contamination and lead-blood levels in children and infants throughout the nation of Kazakhstan
    • Identification, characterization, risk assessment, and educational campaigns focused on reducing the blood lead levels of children and infants living in the vicinity of a lead smelter in a city of approximately 700,000
    • Development of risk-based remediation strategies for the contaminated territories
  • Presentations at international educational seminars on topics such as risk assessment, toxicology, environmental and industrial hygiene analytical methods, and pollution control strategies

Learn more about SHARE International by visiting their website at

In 2011, C&IH initiated the founding of the International Task Force for Children’s Environmental Health (ITFCEH). Chaired by Dr. Andrey Korchevskiy of C&IH, ITFCEH includes members from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, and Russia. In collaboration with the International Affairs Committee of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), ITFCEH developed a draft version of a comprehensive reference document concerning childhood lead poisoning in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia. For this work, ITFCEH received the AIHA Outstanding Project Team Award in2012. Future goals include:

  • Reduction of blood lead levels of children living in Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union
  • Development of international reference levels and standard for lead and other heavy metals
  • Creation of accredited analytical chemistry laboratories for chemical and biological analyses

Learn more about ITFCEH by visiting their website at

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