Project Approach

The escalating costs of workplace illnesses affect productivity and can undermine long term corporate stability. This makes environmental and occupational health in the workplace paramount, not only for ensuring a healthy workforce, but also for protecting future corporate health. C&IH understands that meeting the demands of business operations while sustaining the health and well-being of a corporate workforce can be a challenge. Our project approach combines technical expertise with a vision to provide viable, business-oriented solutions that will bridge the gap between corporate needs and occupational health and safety needs.

Through proper identification of health and safety hazards and effective management of their associated risks, C&IH helps our clients’ ensure sustainability and growth:

  • Number of accidents reduced
  • Severity of exposures reduced
  • Process efficiency and productivity increased
  • Production downtime and overtime reduced
  • Employee retention increased
  • Cost of hiring and training new employees reduced
  • Employee moral increased
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