Upcoming PDC: Asbestos Health Risk Assessment: Modeling, Characterization and Communication

C&IH is regularly engaged in research to further the development and application of innovative technological approaches for conducting exposure assessments and risk characterizations of workplace contaminants. This year at the 2014 American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Exhibition (AIHce) in San Antonio, Texas, C&IH staff members including Andrey Korchevskiy and Eric Rasmuson, and other leading scientists in the field of asbestos epidemiology and toxicology, will teach exposure reconstruction and risk assessment methodologies at the “Asbestos Health Risk Assessment: Modeling, Characterization and Communication” professional development course (PDC). As an extension to the 2013 PDC at the AIHce in Montreal covering the same topic, this year’s course will encourage participants to utilize state-of-the-art methodologies to define the parameters of potential exposures and their associated risks, provide insight into mathematical models used to estimate risk of asbestos-related diseases, and help prepare practicing industrial hygienists to effectively communicate the results of risk assessments to at-risk populations. Information about the 2014 AIHce, including this PDC, can be found on the AIHce website.

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