Quantitative Asbestos Risk Assessment to be Presented by C&IH at DRI 2021 Asbestos Medicine Seminar

The upcoming DRI 2021 Asbestos Medicine Seminar, taking place November 4th through 5th in New Orleans, will include an opening session by C&IH titled, “A Quantitative Asbestos Risk Assessment: Is it Welcome in the Courtroom?” Presented by Director of Research and Development, Dr. Andrey Korchevskiy, the session will explore several case studies demonstrating how quantitative risk assessment, calculated according to the C&IH methodologies, can be used to categorize alleged asbestos exposures of workers, bystanders, and communities. Based on current research and publications, the presentation will cover issues such as:

  • Quantification of mesothelioma and lung cancer excess risk levels.
  • The role of fiber mineralogy and fiber dimensions in exposure and risk assessments.
  • Comparison of excess cancer risk with a population baseline.

Additional information is available at the conference website.

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