Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Certification Received by C&IH

C&IH congratulates Dan Hall on his certification as a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) at the Standard level for his demonstrated competency in computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  Established in 2013 by the international association that represents the engineering analysis, modelling, and simulation community known as NAFEMS, the PSE certification helps further NAFEMS’ mission of promoting best practice in analysis and simulation by providing independent, peer-reviewed assessments of competencies in engineering modelling, analysis, and simulation.  Levels of certification include Entry, Standard, and Advanced.

Mr. Hall provides technical oversight for C&IH projects that incorporate CFD as part of a retrospective or current/prospective exposure assessment.  He also provides CFD-related support for projects involving the design and validation of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and other exposure mitigation systems.

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