C&IH Course on Nanoparticles to Focus on Detection, Modeling, and Risk Assessment at SESHA 2022

C&IH will be teaching a professional development course, “Nanoparticles in Occupational Environment: Insights for Detection, Modeling, and Risk Assessment” at the upcoming SESHA 44th Annual Symposium taking place April 4 through 7 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The PDC, arranged by C&IH in collaboration with BSI and NanoSafe, Inc., explores how to address occupational health issues related to particles and fibers of extremely small size. Topics covered include the identification and characterization of the types of nanoparticles and their sources in semiconductor facilities; advanced exposure assessment and modeling methods for nanoparticles; evaluation of nanoparticle toxicity when occupational exposure limits are established only for certain types of agents (e.g., carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide); and the “scale of toxicity” approach to help with exposure banding for the purposes of practically oriented and scientifically based risk assessment.

The course will be taught by C&IH’s Director of Engineering Dan Hall and Director of Research and Development Andrey Korchevskiy along with BSI’s Principal Consultant Steve Trammell and NanoSafe, Inc.’s Vice President Cary Hill.

A detailed course description is available here through the conference website.

General information is available at the conference website.

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