C&IH to Present on Evaluating Oxygen Deficiency and Toxic Gas Hazards Using CFD Modeling at SESHA 2022

C&IH is partnering with BSI for a presentation, “Evaluating Oxygen Deficiency and Toxic Gas Hazards Using CFD Modeling” at the upcoming SESHA 44th Annual Symposium taking place April 4 through 7 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The presentation will address rare events at semiconductor facilities such as pipe breaks or equipment failures which may release large quantities of inert, toxic, and/or flammable gases. The audience will be introduced to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to determine correct placement of gas detection monitors considering leak location, room geometry, and air supply and exhaust. A CFD model and its outcomes will be presented by C&IH’s Director of Engineering Dan Hall and BSI’s Principal Consultant Steve Trammell.

A detailed course description is available here through the conference website.

General information is available at the conference website.

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