Journal of Current Research in Toxicology Publishes Letter on Carcinogenicity of Fibrous Glaucophane with Contribution by C&IH

The journal of Current Research in Toxicology published in its Volume 2, 2021 issue a letter to the editor by Dr. Ann Wylie of the University of Maryland and Dr. Andrey Korchevskiy of C&IH titled, “Carcinogenicity of Fibrous Glaucophane: How Should We Fill the Data Gaps?”  The letter discusses:

  • Modeling approaches that should be applied to determine carcinogenic potential of various mineral types of elongate mineral particles;   
  • The case for nonasbestiform particles being much less toxic than asbestiform varieties; and  
  • Mesothelioma and lung cancer potency values for glaucophane, a naturally occurring amphibole mineral that was found in California and other regions. 

The letter in its entirety is available at Science Direct.

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