ASTM Conference to Focus on Asbestos and Fibrous Mineral Analysis and Research

Organized annually by ASTM International Committee D22 on Air Quality, the 2016 ASTM Michael E. Beard Conference: Asbestos and Fibrous Mineral Analysis and Research will take place on January 28th and 29th in San Antonio, Texas. Joining the group of speakers contributing to the conference session on Asbestos and non-Regulated Fibrous and Elongate Minerals, C&IH scientists Dr. James O. Rasmuson and Dr. Andrey A. Korchevskiy will make the following presentations:

  • Asbestos and Other Fibrous Minerals: The Scientific Basis and Analytical Challenges in Establishing Risk-Based Occupational Exposure Limits (James O. Rasmuson, PhD, CIH, DABT, FAIHA)
  • Russian Anthophyllite: Mineralogical Characteristics and Evaluation of Cancer Potency (Andrey A. Korchevskiy, PhD, CIH)

For additional information, please contact us or visit the ASTM International conference website. We hope to see you at the conference!

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