Covid 19 Respiratory Protection Training

This short 20m training class will provide your employees with basics of respiratory protection. This will include the basics of contaminant spread from respiratory sources including a very brief discussion of contact transmission along with airborne transmission. The types of respirators available to reduce the spread of respiratory produced airborne contaminants. How each type of respirator works, which respirator types protect the user and which protect others from the user. How to properly don and doff masks, how to properly wear and fit masks.

Class will include demonstrations of, contaminant transport from coughing, sneezing, and talking, (CFD) common types of masks, and their primary functions and limitations.

Learning outcomes:

Employees should come away with an understanding of,

  • The basics of how airborne contaminates spread.
    • Droplet transmission and surface contamination
    • Droplet nuclei and airborne transmission
  • How to protect the user and others from the spread of respiratory contaminants.
    • Reduction or elimination of sources
    • Interception of surface and airborne contaminants

Identification of types of respiratory protection to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

  • How to properly wear and remove (don and doff) respiratory protection.
  • Outcomes; what is to be gained by proper precautions

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