C&IH Exposure Modeling Specialist Cassidy Strode Receives Certification as a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE)

PSE Logo C&IH congratulates Cassidy Strode on his certification as a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) at the Standard level for his demonstrated competency in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The PSE certification, established in 2013 by the international association that represents the engineering analysis, modelling, and simulation community known as NAFEMS , helps further NAFEMS’ mission of promoting best practice in analysis and simulation by providing independent, peer-reviewed assessments of competencies in engineering modelling, analysis, and simulation. Levels of certification include Entry, Standard, and Advanced.

Mr. Strode specializes in the application of CFD in support of retrospective and current/prospective exposure assessment activities performed by C&IH. He also provides CFD-related project support for the design and validation of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and other exposure mitigation systems. Examples of CFD and other modeling-related projects performed by C&IH in which Mr. Strode played a major role include:

  • Modeled community exposures using CFD in support of a risk assessment for a surface mining operation.
  • Performed catastrophic chlorine plume release modeling using CFD to assist in emergency evacuation planning for a large industrial complex.
  • Assisted in LEV system design to control lead and other exposures in an armory prior to system installation.
  • Modeled the re-entrainment of silica, asbestos, and other particulates associated with a walk-in hood in a mineral laboratory.
  • Modeled the capture and entrainment of asbestos particles using various baffle configurations in a glovebox isolator using CFD to maximize particle capture and minimize spillage.
  • Built and Utilized Modeled the performance of capture hoods for nano-particles in a research laboratory

Learn more about how C&IH uses three-dimensional modeling technologies to understand exposures on our exposure sciences page.

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