Live Virtual PDC on Quantitative Asbestos Risk Assessment to Be Led by C&IH at AIHce 2021

AIHce 20201 educations sessions led by C-IH

C&IH will teach a live virtual professional development course (PDC), “Introduction to Quantitative Asbestos Risk Assessment” on Thursday, May 27 as part of the AIHce 2021. The instructors from C&IH include Andrey Korchevskiy, Rob Strode, and Dan Hall.

PDC 808: Introduction to Quantitative Asbestos Risk Assessment


Asbestos and other elongate minerals remain one of the most significant occupational and environmental concerns worldwide. Asbestos fibers can be found in: a) ambient air as a background contaminant; b) workplaces where ACMs have yet to be removed; c) abatement operations; d) automotive brakes; e) industrial filters; f) endogenous soils and rocks; and, g) commercial products. This PDC will present the following topics: 1) the four-step risk assessment paradigm; 2) probabilistic techniques for exposure estimation utilizing Monte Carlo and Markov’s chain frameworks; 3) dose-response relationships for fiber types and sizes; 4) benchmark dose values; 5) predicting various health outcomes of exposure; and, 6) a new model to predict potency factors of naturally-occurring asbestos. Applying the risk assessment approach to exposures from occupational activities, residential soil contamination, and commercial talcum powder will be demonstrated.

Thursday, May 27, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
CM Credit Hours: 7
Virtual Professional Development Course
Room: Virtual 8

PDC learning outcomes, course outline, and additional information is available on the AIHce 2021 website.

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