Legionella Risk Management Presentation Given by Rob Strode at PathCon Laboratories EU Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Legionella Risk Management Presentation

C&IH Technical Director of Industrial Hygiene Services Rob Strode was an invited speaker at PathCon Laboratories EU Conference, “Preventing Legionnaires Disease 2017 – What Corporations Should Do” held June 21st through 22nd in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Legionnaires disease is a major current challenge facing industries such as hospitality, health care, and urban development, with disease outbreaks occurring on a global scale and particularly in the United States. The international conference, attended by professionals from the United States, England, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and other nations, addressed the most urgent needs and action items necessary for reduction of legionella-related risks. In his presentation, Mr. Strode outlined a comprehensive approach of utilizing industrial hygiene expertise in legionella risk assessment and management. Specifically, risk assessment for legionella should be proactive, follow a four-step model, and incorporate sampling as well as other tools when appropriate, such as dispersion modeling utilizing computational fluid dynamics. The conference panel of speakers is expected to create an international advisory board to help governments and industries worldwide prevent legionella outbreaks.

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