ASHRAE Rocky Mountain 2019 Technical Conference to Include Session by C&IH on Engineering Design Elements of Sterile Compounding Pharmacies

ashrae annual technical conference The upcoming ASHRAE Rocky Mountain 2019 Technical Conference, taking place Friday, May 10, in Lakewood, Colorado will include an education session led by C&IH Senior Engineer Bill Mele that will explore the current state of USP standards and their impact on engineering design considerations for sterile compounding pharmacies. The session, “What’s up With USP These Days? Sterile and Hazardous Compounding: What to Know, What to Avoid” will address elements of engineering design associated with the construction and implementation of compounding facilities of both USP <797> and <800>, differences with <797> now that <800> has its own soon-to-be-implemented chapter, and pitfalls to consider when assembling a facility that must undergo frequent stringent system evaluation and compliance testing over its operating lifetime.

Additional information about the conference can be found at the ASHRAE Rocky Mountain Chapter website or contact C&IH to learn more.

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