Local Exhaust and Dilution Ventilation Engineering

Local Exhaust and Dilution Ventilation Engineering

Expertise in Airborne Contaminant Control Exhaust Systems

C&IH’s ventilation engineering group specialize in troubleshooting and developing local exhaust and dilution ventilation exhaust systems designed to protect worker health. Our experience in airborne contaminant control includes chemical, gas, dust, fume, vapor, mist, aerosol, particulate, fiber, and biological exposures.

Overview of Services

ventilation design
  • Local exhaust ventilation troubleshooting, optimization, retrofit, design, and specification
  • Fume hood testing and certification
  • Laboratory ventilation evaluation and specification
  • Cleanroom certification
  • Underground mine ventilation assessment and design
  • Odor control ventilation and filtration system design and specification

Our services are designed to reduce occupational health risk by controlling workplace exposures and minimize or eliminate the need for administrative controls or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Examples of Industry Project Work

  • Generation of project drawings and specifications for the installation of new outside air filter systems (HVAC) at a commercial facility adjacent to a local airport to address building ventilation odor intrusion from airport jet fuel exhaust and airport fueling operations;
  • Measurement and documentation of the exhaust and make-up air system performance at a mining operation laboratory;
  • Performance assessment of a fume hood at a waste water treatment plant to determine the fume hood’s conformance with certification standards;
  • Evaluation of a boiler room ventilation system at a resort community;
  • Design of new welding exhaust and machine oil exhaust system components for an educational institution’s machining and welding programs;
  • Assessment of a ventilation system to determine the adequacy of the system’s performance, and the design of new dust collector exhaust system components, at an insulation manufacturing facility;
  • Performance assessment of the ventilation, dust collection, and exhaust system related to the adequacy of the system’s formaldehyde and fiber extraction capabilities at a manufacturing facility;
  • Assessment of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and subsequent recommendations for appropriate engineering controls at a meat packing plant;
  • Assessment of a ventilation system and the development of a conceptual design for local exhaust ventilation to address mercury vapor at a precious metals refinery; and
  • Design and commissioning of an air filtration system in a control room at an underground mining operation.

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